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I am Ghislaine Bibih Fultang a Marketing industrialist and lifestyle entrepreneur. I am a devoted MLM business owner and network builder with Alliance In Motion Global which is a Revolutionary Business Project aimed at helping committed vision bound persons to become healthy and Financially independent by Learning Healthcare Preventive Intervention with 21st Century Communication Media and live Presentations thereby, creating Wellness Millionaires in every Household.

I am a Certified Digital Marketer, Inbound Marketer & Facebook Ads Specialist based in Douala, Cameroon

How many new business leads & sales could you generate each month, & turn into sales? I help entrepreneurs like you create profitable inbound marketing strategies that attract and convert new leads into sales. So, while you are reading through my Blog, think about it.

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I am willing to work with youths, young women, and every other person interested in making residual income


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